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Ironing Your Dress Whites and Dress Blues

When dress uniforms are pressed, make sure the uniforms are inside-out so that the creases are to the inside when you put it on. This video will show the proper way to iron the jumper and pants. Remember: The jumper and trousers (whites and blues only) are never creased from the outside. Always turn the jumper and trousers wrong-side out as shown in the video. Also, when ironing dress whites, use a damp piece of sheet or cotton towel between the hot iron and the fabric as the synthetic fabric of the uniform will melt or discolor if the iron is too hot. The damp cloth also helps set a sharp crease. When ironing is completed and you turn the uniform right-side out all creases will be turned inward, not out outward, except the front-middle crease of the jumper and the three creases on the collar flap. NOTE: Male Dress Blues are done the same way. Females do not wear the dress blue jumper and trousers.

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